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Change log

Version 1.30

AE_NO does not exist. what is the correct replacement? AE_Y?
  • tblART: Updated list of drugs
  • tblAE1:
    • added EVENT_ID as unique identifier and link to detailed tables for each event (see document on D:A:D event tables?) – this replaces the optional AE_NO? field.
    • added AE_SPEC to further specify an event by coding
    • a series of basic verification fields have been added to allow for tracking of event status for source documentation availability, verification of documentation (through monitoring) and final approval of the event.
    • in AE_R_Y - Relation to treatment: added more detailed codes.
  • tblLAB: added several codes for various biomarker tests.
  • tblLAB_CD4: added CD4_U as optional fields to discriminate between CD4% and CD4 cell count, so that the tblLAB_CD4 table can hold both types of measurements.
  • tblLAB_VIRO: added several codes for various virology and serology tests.
  • CaseDefinitions updated with end stage renal disease, chronic liver disease and non-AIDS defining malignancies

1:Detailed table definitions for the D:A:D events are available at

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Version 1.25

  • tblART: Updated list of drugs
  • tblMED: Updated list of drugs
  • tblDIS:
    • Changed wording for CANO to ‘Candidiasis, oesophageal, bronchi, trachea, or lungs’
    • Added COCC - Coccidioidomycosis, disseminated or extrapulmonary
  • tblLAB: Added LAB_ST as additional field to code for type of specimen used for the measurement
  • tblLAB_CD4: Added CD4_U as additional field so the table can hold both percentage and absolute CD4 measurements
  • tblLAB_RNA: Added RNA_UL (upper limit of detection) to the list of additional fields for tblLAB_RNA.
  • Added more viral assays to the list of RNA_T codes
  • tblLAB_VIRO: Added unit field to tblLAB_VIRO into the general format and VS_LL (lower limit of detection), VS_UL (upper limit of detection) and VS_T (type of test) and list of tests to the list of additional fields.
  • tblLTFU: Added DEATH_RC# to code for causal relation of the DEATH_R# code to the death in order to comply with CoDe and still maintain a format to be used for cohorts not using CoDe. ICD10_# fields have been moved to the list of additional fields.

Version 1.21

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.00

Version 0.50 and 0.90

Version 0.38