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Copy from Hicdep 1.100

CEP_SPEC field

containing table
explanation of variable
Code to further specify the event identified by CEP_ID.
format of data
character. see coding table for valid codings.
exists since HICDEP version

Note: The codes for NADM are tentative and subject to change for the next release.

Coding Table

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Code (CEP_ID)Code (CEP_SPEC)Description
AMIDAMIDefinitive Myocardial infarction
AMIPAMIPossible Myocardial infarction
LIVBF0no fibrosis
LIVBF1portal fibrosis without septa
LIVBF2portal fibrosis with few septa
LIVBF3numerous septa without cirrhosis
HEPIHepatic encephalopathy stage I
HEPIIHepatic encephalopathy stage II
HEPIIIHepatic encephalopathy stage III
HEPIVHepatic encephalopathy stage IV
HEPIII+IVHepatic encephalopathy stage III or IV
ICPANGInvasive Cardiovascular Procedures: Coronary angioplasty/stenting
ICPBYPInvasive Cardiovascular Procedures: Coronary artery by-pass grafting
ICPENDInvasive Cardiovascular Procedures: Carotic endarterectomy
NADMALLLeukemia: Acute lymphoid
NADMAMLLeukemia: Acute myeloid
NADMANALAnal dysplasia, grade 2 or higher
NADMANUSAnal cancer
NADMBLADBladder cancer
NADMBRCABreast cancer
NADMBRAINBrain cancer
NADMCERVCervical dysplasia/carcinoma in situ, grade 2 or higher
NADMCLLLeukemia: Chronic lymphoid
NADMCMLLeukemia: Chronic myeloid
NADMCOLOColon cancer
NADMCOTCConnective tissue cancer
NADMHDLHodgkin lymphoma
NADMHENEHead and neck cancer
NADMKIDNKidney cancer
NADMLEUKLeukemia: unspecified
NADMLIPCLip cancer
NADMLIVRLiver cancer
NADMLUNGLung cancer
NADMMALMMalignant melanoma
NADMMEACMetastasis: of adenocarcinoma
NADMMEOCMetastasis: of other cancertype
NADMMESCMetastasis: of squamuos cell carcinoma
NADMMETAMetastasis: unspecified
NADMMULMMultiple myeloma
NADMPENCPenile cancer
NADMPROSProstate cancer
NADMRECTRectum cancer
NADMSTOMStomach cancer
NADMTESETesticular seminoma
NADMUTERUterus cancer
STRSHAEStroke: Haemorrhagia
STRSINFStroke: Infarction
STRSUNKStroke: Unknown