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15:06 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldPatient edited by stels
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09:07 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl1/FieldSeqAa created by stels
09:06 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldSampInt created by stels
09:05 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldSampLab created by stels
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08:35 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldTesttype edited by stels
08:33 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl3/FieldResScor created by stels
08:29 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl3/FieldArtId created by stels
08:27 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl3/FieldSampId created by stels
08:26 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl2 edited by stels
08:24 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl2/FieldAaFound1 created by stels
08:23 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl2/FieldAaPosSub created by stels
08:22 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl2/FieldAaPos created by stels
08:20 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl2/FieldGene created by stels
08:18 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl2/FieldSampId created by stels
08:16 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl1/FieldSeqNuc created by stels
08:15 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl1/FieldSeqStop created by stels
08:14 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl1/FieldSeqStar created by stels
08:12 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl1/FieldSeqtype created by stels
08:10 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabResLvl1/FieldSampId created by stels
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15:00 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRna/FieldRnaT edited by stels
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14:59 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabBp/FieldBpU edited by stels
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14:57 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldEthnic edited by stels
14:55 Hicdep_1.30/TableArt/FieldArtRs edited by stels
14:55 Hicdep_1.30/TableAe/FieldAeSpec edited by stels
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13:44 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldDeathR1 edited by stels
13:43 Hicdep_1.30/TableMed/FieldMedId edited by stels
13:15 Hicdep_1.30/TableLab/FieldLabU edited by stels
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11:14 Hicdep_1.30/TableVis/FieldLossY created by stels
11:13 Hicdep_1.30/TableVis/FieldGainY created by stels
11:13 Hicdep_1.30/TableVis/FieldWeigh created by stels
11:12 Hicdep_1.30/TableVis/FieldVisD created by stels
11:12 Hicdep_1.30/TableVis/FieldPatient created by stels
11:11 Hicdep_1.30/TableOverlap/FieldCohOth created by stels
11:10 Hicdep_1.30/TableOverlap/FieldPatOth created by stels
11:10 Hicdep_1.30/TableOverlap/FieldCohort created by stels
11:09 Hicdep_1.30/TableOverlap/FieldPatient created by stels
11:07 Hicdep_1.30/TableMed/FieldMedEd created by stels
11:07 Hicdep_1.30/TableMed/FieldMedSd created by stels
11:06 Hicdep_1.30/TableMed/FieldMedId created by stels
11:05 Hicdep_1.30/TableMed/FieldPatient created by stels
11:03 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldLAlive created by stels
11:02 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldIcd10_1 created by stels
11:01 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu edited by stels
10:59 Hicdep_1.30/CoDe created by stels
10:57 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu edited by stels
10:56 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldDeathRc1 created by stels
10:54 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldDeathR1 created by stels
10:50 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldAutopY created by stels
10:49 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldDeathD created by stels
10:48 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldDeathY created by stels
10:47 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldDropRs created by stels
10:44 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldDropD created by stels
10:43 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldDropY created by stels
10:42 Hicdep_1.30/TableLtfu/FieldPatient created by stels
10:38 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsUl edited by stels
10:38 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsLl edited by stels
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10:37 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsV edited by stels
10:37 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsR edited by stels
10:37 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsD edited by stels
10:36 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsT created by stels
10:34 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsUl created by stels
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10:33 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsLl created by stels
10:32 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsU created by stels
10:30 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsV created by stels
10:30 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsR created by stels
10:29 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsD created by stels
10:28 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldVsId created by stels
10:23 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro/FieldPatient created by stels
10:22 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldSubtype created by stels
10:21 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldTesttype created by stels
10:20 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldSoftware created by stels
10:20 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldKit created by stels
10:19 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldRefseq created by stels
10:18 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldLibrary created by stels
10:18 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldLab created by stels
10:17 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldSeqDt created by stels
10:16 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldSampleD created by stels
10:16 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldSampId created by stels
10:15 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes/FieldPatient created by stels
09:35 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRna/FieldRnaUl created by stels
09:34 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRna/FieldRnaT created by stels
09:28 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRna/FieldRnaL created by stels
09:27 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRna/FieldRnaV created by stels
09:27 PageTemplates/HicdepField edited by stels
09:26 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRna/FieldRnaD created by stels
09:25 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRna/FieldPatient created by stels
09:21 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabCd4/FieldCd4U created by stels
09:20 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabCd4/FieldCd4V created by stels
09:19 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabCd4/FieldCd4D created by stels
09:18 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabCd4/FieldPatient created by stels
09:17 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabBp/FieldBpD edited by stels
09:16 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabBp edited by stels
09:16 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabBp/FieldBpU created by stels
09:15 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabBp/FieldBpDia created by stels
09:14 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabBp/FieldBpSys created by stels
09:13 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabBp/FieldBpD created by stels
09:12 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabBp/FieldPatient created by stels
09:10 Hicdep_1.30/TableLab/FieldLabSt created by stels
09:09 Hicdep_1.30/TableLab/FieldLabFa created by stels
09:08 Hicdep_1.30/TableLab/FieldLabU created by stels
08:54 Hicdep_1.30/TableLab/FieldLabV created by stels
08:53 Hicdep_1.30/TableLab/FieldLabD created by stels
08:52 Hicdep_1.30/TableLab/FieldLabId created by stels
08:47 Hicdep_1.30/TableLab/FieldPatient created by stels
08:46 Hicdep_1.30/TableDis edited by stels
08:45 Hicdep_1.30/TableDis/FieldDisOth created by stels
08:45 Hicdep_1.30/TableDis/FieldDisWd created by stels
08:43 Hicdep_1.30/TableDis/FieldDisD created by stels
08:42 Hicdep_1.30/TableDis/FieldDisId created by stels
08:35 Hicdep_1.30/TableDis/FieldPatient created by stels
08:34 PageTemplates/HicdepField edited by stels
08:31 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldDeathOt created by stels
08:31 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldOriOth created by stels
08:30 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldModeOth created by stels
08:29 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldAidsD created by stels
08:29 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldAidsY created by stels
08:28 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldRecartY created by stels
08:28 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldSerocoD created by stels
08:27 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldEthnic created by stels
08:24 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldOrigin created by stels
08:21 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldMode created by stels
08:18 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldHeigh created by stels
08:16 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldGender created by stels
08:15 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldEnrolD created by stels
08:14 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldFrsvisD created by stels
08:13 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldBirthD created by stels
08:12 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldCenter created by stels
08:12 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas edited by stels
08:11 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas edited by stels
08:11 Hicdep_1.30/TableBas/FieldPatient created by stels


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ART lookup table
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14:02 ConsiderationsForDataManagement created by stels
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13:30 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabRes created by stels
13:19 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabViro created by stels
13:14 Hicdep_1.30/TableLabBp created by stels
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13:17 Hicdep_1.30/TableArt/FieldArtRs created by stels
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Using Firefox' search for HICDEP
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11:01 Hicdep_1.30/TableAe/FieldVerifyY created by stels
11:00 Hicdep_1.30/TableAe/FieldSrcDocD created by stels
10:59 Hicdep_1.30/TableAe/FieldSrcDocY created by stels
10:57 Hicdep_1.30/TableAe/FieldAeSpec created by stels
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initial content for field EVENT_ID
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