HICDEP Release Process

The HICDEP document is updated at least annually as part of the ​EuroCoord Work Package 4 deliverables.

You are encouraged to use the most recent stable version and discuss changes to the draft version at all times.

Before a new version is released (marked stable) formally, it runs through the following procedure:

  1. Four weeks before a WP4 telephone conference, a WP4.1 member announces to the discussion board indicating that the current draft version is to be considered a release-candidate, highlighting the changes since the last stable version. The announcement is accompanied by a downloadable PDF of the release-candidate version.
  2. All WP4 members forward this announcement to data managers and researchers who might have valuable feedback on the changes.
  3. Within three weeks, everybody (including external parties) may comment and changes to the draft are still possible.
  4. One week before the telephone conference, the draft is frozen and changes are no longer incorporated.
  5. If the WP4 members accept the new version, a WP4.1 member performs the update and describes the differences from the last to the new stable version in the ChangeLog.