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Change log

Version 1.80 (future draft)

Version 1.70 (draft)

changelog work in progess

  • tblBAS
    • Added field RECART_D (Date ART started)
    • Added field LTART_D (Date last assessed for ART)
    • ETHNIC: Added Limitations section in description
    • Added field EDU_LVL (Last completed education Level)
    • Added field HIV_POS_D (Date of first positive HIV test)
  • tblVIS
    • Added optional field EMPLOY? (What is the patient's current situation regarding labour?)
    • Added optional field CONTRACT? (If the patient is an employee, what is the type of the patient's employment contract?)
    • Added optional field SMOKING? (Is the patient currently a smoker?)
  • tblART
    • ART_ID: Coding extended/updated to match current ATC codes.
      • Lopinavir / Ritonavir changed code from "J05AE06" to "J05AR10".
      • Elvitegravir changed code from "J05AX-EVG" to "J05AX11"
      • Added J05AE11 - Telaprevir
      • Added J05AE12 - Boceprevir
      • J05AR07 - Triomune
      • J05AR08 - Eviplera / Complera
      • J05AR09 - Stribild
      • J05AR10 - Kaletra / Aluvia
      • J05AX12 - Dolutegravir
      • V03AX03 - Cobicistat
  • tblLAB
    • LAB_ID
      • Removed redundant "APT" code. Use code "ALP"
    • LAB_U
      • Removed WBC codes (WBC was already removed from LAB_ID)
      • Added generic "µg/L" code
  • tblLAB_RNA
    • RNA_T
      • New code: 42 - Abbott RealTime HIV-1 m2000
      • New code: 59 - Monitor unspecified

Version 1.60

  • tblBAS:
    • The ORIGIN field is now coded using UN region and country codes.
    • Added optional SEROHOW field indicating how the seroconversion date was determined.
    • Added optional CENS_D field holding the last date the database was updated for a patient.
  • tblREFILL created to hold prescription refill data.
  • tblLTFU: The DEATH_R# fields now use CoDe codes for coding cause of death.
  • tblLAB:
    • Added codes for Gamma-glutamyltransferase and Prothrombin rate.
  • tblLAB_VIRO:
    • Changed code for "Other" of field VS_T to value 9.
    • Added "HBVACIGM", "HBVACIGG", "HCVBD" and "HDVA" codes for VS_ID field.
  • tblLAB_RES, tblLAB_RES_LVL_1, tblLAB_RES_LVL_2 and tblLAB_RES_LVL_3:
    • Renamed SAMP_ID to TEST_ID, as it gives a better description of what the values should encode.
  • tblLAB_RES:
  • tblLAB_RES_LVL_3:
    • ATC_CODE replaces ART_ID as HCV medication in tblMED may be encoded.
  • tblDIS:
    • Added optional DIS_ED field for the end date of the disease.
  • tblMED:
    • Added MED_RS describing the reason for stopping the treatment; needed for HCV.
  • tblAE:
    • Added a number of codes for AE_ID: ANG, ASCI, AVN, BYP, CERC, END, FIBS, FRA, HEP, HESY, LAC, LIVB, OESO, PAN and PERI.
  • QA checks have been extended and updated where necessary.

Version 1.50

Version 1.30

  • tblART: Updated list of drugs
  • tblAE:
    • added EVENT_ID as unique identifier and link to detailed tables for each event (see 1) – this replaces the optional AE_NO field.
    • added AE_SPEC to further specify an event by coding
    • a series of basic verification fields have been added to allow for tracking of event status for source documentation availability, verification of documentation (through monitoring) and final approval of the event.
    • in AE_R_Y - Relation to treatment: added more detailed codes.
  • tblLAB: added several codes for various biomarker tests.
  • tblLAB_CD4: added CD4_U as optional fields to discriminate between CD4% and CD4 cell count, so that the tblLAB_CD4 table can hold both types of measurements.
  • tblLAB_VIRO: added several codes for various virology and serology tests.
  • CaseDefinitions updated with end stage renal disease, chronic liver disease and non-AIDS defining malignancies

1:Detailed table definitions for the D:A:D events are available at

Version 1.25

  • tblART: Updated list of drugs
  • tblMED: Updated list of drugs
  • tblDIS:
    • Changed wording for CANO to ‘Candidiasis, oesophageal, bronchi, trachea, or lungs’
    • Added COCC - Coccidioidomycosis, disseminated or extrapulmonary
  • tblLAB: Added LAB_ST as additional field to code for type of specimen used for the measurement
  • tblLAB_CD4: Added CD4_U as additional field so the table can hold both percentage and absolute CD4 measurements
  • tblLAB_RNA: Added RNA_UL (upper limit of detection) to the list of additional fields.
  • Added more viral assays to the list of RNA_T codes
  • tblLAB_VIRO: Added unit field to tblLAB_VIRO into the general format and VS_LL (lower limit of detection), VS_UL (upper limit of detection) and VS_T (type of test) and list of tests to the list of additional fields.
  • tblLTFU: Added DEATH_RC# to code for causal relation of the DEATH_R# code to the death in order to comply with CoDe and still maintain a format to be used for cohorts not using CoDe. ICD10_# fields have been moved to the list of additional fields.

Version 1.21

Code Coding for Reason of Stopping Treatment
1.1 Virological failure
1.2 Partial virological failure
1.3 Immunological failure – CD4 drop
1.4 Clinical progression
90 Side effects – any of the above but unspecified
90.1 Comorbidity
92.1 Simplified treatment available
92.2 Treatment to complex
92.3 Drug interaction
93.1 Structured Treatment Interruption (STI) – at high CD4
94.1 Non-compliance
96 Pregnancy
97 Study treatment

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

  • tblBAS:
    • The table was split into tblBAS and tblLTFU. tblLTFU holds data on death and drop-out
    • Renamed LOS_Y to LOSS_Y
    • Renamed GAI_Y to GAIN_Y
  • tblLAB_BLP:
    • Renamed table to tblLAB_BP
    • Renamed BLP_D to BP_D
    • Renamed BLP_SYS to BP_SYS
    • Renamed BLP_DIA to BP_DIA
    • Renamed BLP_U to BP_U

Version 1.00

  • tblBas:
    • Renamed BIRTHDAY to BIRTH_D
    • Renamed FIRSTVIS to FRSVIS_D
    • Renamed REC_ART to RECART_Y
  • tblLAB:
    • LAB_U: has been dropped – please use the “unit codes/strings” as that is a safer way to code/represent the units – prefixing all “unit codes/strings” with a numeric value should however make analysis easier.
  • tblLAB_VIRO:
    • New table added to capture mainly hepatitis measurements/tests
  • tblLAB_RES:
    • SEQ_DT was added to capture the time of sequencing in order to facilitate quality assurance of the data for contamination that might have happened during the sequencing.
  • tblLAB_RES_LVL1:
    • Renamed SEQ_ST to SEQ_STAR
    • SEQ_STOP: Added to the table to specify at which position in the sequence the sequencing was terminated
  • tblLAB_RES_LVL2:
    • The table has been optimised for ease of analysis so that the mutation codes have been split into their components of amino acid position, sub position for insertions and 4 our more fields for mixtures of amino acids found in the sample

Version 0.50 and 0.90

First public versions that incorporated comments and corrections received from attendees at the 7th International Workshop on HIV Observational Databases, March 29th-30th 2003, Fiuggi, Italy and Stephen Hart.

Version 0.38

Version presented at 7th International Workshop on HIV Observational Databases, March 29th-30th 2003, Fiuggi, Italy