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tblBAS - Basic clinical, background and demographic information

holds basic information such as demographics, basic clinical information, date of AIDS diagnosis, death and drop-out information

Core fields

Note: Fields marked bold form the unique identifier for a record of the table.

  • PATIENT: Code to identify patient (Cohort Patient ID)
  • CENTER: Code for Clinic/Centre/Hospital where patient is seen.
  • BIRTH_D: Birth date.
  • FRSVIS_D: First seen at clinic
  • ENROL_D: Date of enrolment into the cohort
  • GENDER: Gender/sex
  • HEIGH: Height of patient at visit/most current
  • MODE: Mode of infection
  • ORIGIN: Nationality or region of origin of patient
  • ETHNIC: Ethnicity of patient
  • SEROCO_D: Date of seroconversion
  • RECART_Y: Has the patient received antiretroviral treatment?
  • AIDS_Y: Has patient been given an AIDS diagnosis?
  • AIDS_D: IF YES, date of AIDS diagnosis

Additional fields

why is DEATH_OT in tblBAS and not tblLTFU?

For mode of infection, origin and death a set of other fields are often used to capture what cannot be coded. These fields are represented here as optional fields as it is the intention that the suggested codes applied to the MODE, ORIGIN, DEATH_R1-3 and ICD10_1-3 should be able to cover all possible values.

  • MODE_OTH: Mode of infection OTHER
  • ORI_OTH: Origin of patient OTHER
  • DEATH_OT: Reason for death – other - description