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tblAE - Adverse Events

holds type and date of adverse events including serious non-AIDS conditions

Core fields

Note: Fields marked bold form the unique identifier for a record of the table.

  • EVENT_ID: foreign key to event tables
  • PATIENT: identifies patient
  • AE_D: date of event
  • AE_ID: identifies type of event
  • AE_SPEC: further specification
  • SRCDOC_Y: whether the source documentation is available
  • SRCDOC_D: date for source documentation verification
  • VERIFY_Y: Has the monitor verified the source documentation?
  • VERIFY_D: date for monitor verification
  • APPROV_Y: final verification/approval
  • APPROV_D: final verification date
  • APPROV_S: signature for final verification
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Please see the HICDEP website for examples of detailed AE tables for the events listed in 3.16.2 below. Data format is available in the HICDEP DAD event forms document.

Additional fields

  • AE_Y: has the patient had an event?
  • AE_NAME: full name of the event
  • AE_DESCRIP: full description of the event
  • AE_R_Y: relation to treatment