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tblLAB - Laboratory values

holds type, date, value and unit of laboratory tests.

Core fields

Note: Fields marked bold form the unique identifier for a record of the table.

  • PATIENT: Code to identify patient (Cohort Patient ID)
  • LAB_ID: Code representing the measurement
  • LAB_D: Date of measurement/sample
  • LAB_V: Value of measurement
  • LAB_U: Unit of measurement

Additional fields

Other detailed information regarding the patient and the measurement would be relevant, like the proposed fasting information shown below.

  • LAB_FA: Was the blood sample taken while fasting?
  • LAB_ST: Specimen type

Depending on the set of measurements collected and the mandatory fields applicable to these individual measurements, it might be useful to separate the LAB table into several sub tables. This is already shown for the CD4 and RNA measurements: the level of detail needed for CD4 is less than for the LAB variables in general (no unit since it’s always the same), while for RNA the data required is more detailed (assay and detection limit).