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tblLAB_RES_LVL_3 - Resistance test result

holds resistance result in relation to antiretroviral drug.

Note: This table is tightly linked to tblLAB_RES.

Core fields

Note: Fields marked bold form the unique identifier for a record of the table.

  • SAMP_ID: The assigned sample ID
  • ART_ID: Drug code of antiretroviral
  • RES_SCOR: Score of resistance or recommendation given from the test.

Additional fields

For phenotype test results it will be necessary to extend the table with a field to store the cut-off value:

  • RES_CUT: Cut-off value for phenotype test result

However using the amino acid sequence does not give the same detail of data as the nucleoside sequence: wobbles in the nucleoside sequence can either complicate the reading and alignment of the amino acid sequence or the wobbles can be lost and silent mutations are lost.