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DEATH_R1 field

containing table
explanation of variable
Cause of death
format of data
character. see coding table for valid codings.
exists since HICDEP version

Coding Table

The following table is adapted from page 23 of the Coding of Death (CoDe) specification at ‚Äč

The codes 31 to 33.1, 04.xx and 92.1 are not present in CoDe.

The codes 04.* (non AIDS-defining malignancies) are tentative and subject to change for the next release.

Use the most specific coding available whenever possible.

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CodeCause of Death
01AIDS (ongoing active disease)
02Infection (other than 01.1)
02.1.1Bacterial with sepsis
02.2.1Others with sepsis
02.3Unknown aetiology
02.3.1Unknown with sepsis
03Chronic viral hepatitis (progression of/complication to)
03.1.1HCV with cirrhosis
03.1.2HCV with liver failure
03.2.1HBV with cirrhosis
03.2.2HBV with liver failure
04Malignancy (other than 01.2 and 03, 03.1, 03.2)
04.03ANUS - Anus cancer
04.04BLAD - Bladder cancer
04.05BONE - Bone cancer
04.06BRAC - Brain cancer
04.07BRCA - Breast cancer
04.10.1ALL - Leukaemia: Acute lymphoid
04.10.2AML - Leukaemia: Acute myeloid
04.10.3CLL - Leukaemia: Chronic lymphoid
04.10.4CML - Leukaemia: Chronic myeloid
04.10.9LEUK - Leukaemia: unspecified
04.18COLO - Colon cancer
04.11COTC - Connective tissue cancer
04.12ESOP - Esophagus cancer
04.13GALL - Gallbladder cancer
04.14GYCA - Gynaecologic cancer
04.15HDL - Hodgkin lymphoma
04.16HENE - Head and neck (incl. face) cancers
04.17KIDN - Kidney cancer
04.19LIPC - Lip cancer
04.20LIVR - Liver cancer
04.21LUNG - Lung cancer
04.22MALM - Malignant melanoma
04.27MULM - Multiple myeloma
04.29PANC - Pancreas cancer
04.31PENC - Penile cancer
04.32PROS - Prostate cancer
04.33RECT - Rectum cancer
04.34STOM - Stomach cancer
04.35TESE - Testicular seminoma
04.36UTER - Uterus cancer
04.40.1MEAC - Metastasis: of adenocarcinoma
04.40.2MEOC - Metastasis: of other cancer type
04.40.3MESC - Metastasis: of squamuos cell carcinoma
04.40.9META - Metastasis: unspecified
04.90OTH - Other Malignancy Type
04.99UNKP - Unknown Malignancy Type
05Diabetes Mellitus (complication to)
07Lactic acidosis
08MI or other ischemic heart disease
08.1.1Definitive AMI (Dundee 1)
08.1.2Possible AMI (Dundee 2/9)
08.2Other ischemic heart disease
10Gastro-intestinal haemorrhage (if chosen, specify underlying cause)
11Primary pulmonary hypertension
12Lung embolus
13Chronic obstructive lung disease
14Liver failure (other than 03, 03.1, 03.2)
15Renal failure
16Accident or other violent death (not suicide)
19Substrance abuse (active)
19.1Chronic Alcohol abuse
19.2Chronic intravenous drug-use
19.3Acute intoxication
20Haematological disease (other causes)
21Endocrine disease (other causes)
22Psychiatric disease (other causes)
23CNS disease (other causes)
24Heart or vascular (other causes)
25Respiratory disease (other causes)
26Digestive system disease (other causes)
27Skin and motor system disease (other causes)
28Urogential disease (other causes)
29Obstetric complications
30Congenital disorders
31Symptoms caused by mitochondrial toxicity (other than 06, 07)
32Bleeding (haemophilia)
33Sudden infant death
33.1Child abuse
90Other causes
91Unclassifiable causes
92.1Unknown, Competing risks