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tblNEWBORN_ABNORM - Information about abnormalities (7)

Dear All

This is the seventh topic with discussions of tables related to pregnant women and pregnancy outcomes in view of potential inclusion of some of the tables/variables in the IeDEA data harmonization efforts.

Please see http://www.hicdep.org/wiki/Hicdep_1.100/TableNewbornAbnorm for the current version of this table.

BM suggests to consider the use of the key field

CHILD_ID Patient ID of the child
ABNORM_T Type of abnormality

plus the field

ABNORM_S Further specifications about the abnormality

This table needs detailed discussions. BM suggests to extend the list with congenital abnormalities, such as currently captured by EA:

Central Nervous System (CNS):

o Hydrocephalus
o Neural tube defects
o Other(specify):

Eye, Ear, Face and Neck :

o Cleft lip and palate
o Other(specify):

Heart :

o Acyanotic defects (ASD, VSD, AV canal, PDA, etc)
o Cyanotic defects (e.g. Tetralogy of Fallot, transposition, pulmonary atresia, truncus,Ebstein's)
o Other or Specify based on Echo:

Gastro-intestinal system :

o Gastroschisis
o Intestinal atresia
o Tracheo-esophageal Fistula
o Omphalocele
o Anorectal malformation
o Other:

Genitals :

o Ambiguous genitalia
o Hypospadias
o Other:

Renal and urinary system :

o Posterior Urethral valves
o Other:

Limb defects :

o Talipes equinovarus (club foot)
o Other:

Chromosomal anomaly :

o Downs syndrome
o Other:

o Other Organ systems, or multi-organ system : (specify):


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