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If there is a value in tbl RNA higher than the upper limit (>750000 for example) you can’t describe this. For lower Limit there is -1. So in this case you have: rna_v : 750000, rna_ul: 750000. But you don’t see the real value is >750000.

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    Thanks Mariska

    The upper limit of 750'000 copies/mL seems quite low for me. It may very much depend on the lab and whether they are willing to repeat the analysis with diluted samples.

    Question to other cohorts - how do you deal with that situation?

    • Ignore and just add the limit value
    • Use an impossible high value if above the upper limit (e.g. 999'999'999)
    • Use an impossible arbitrary value (e.g. one copy above the limit-> 750'001)

    Depending on the answers we then can propose a solution in the new HICDEP release.



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