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HICDEP 1.60 changes

As discussed in the last TC, I have updated the ChangeLog to describe the HICDEP 1.60 changes.

Pending a few minor issues, I will issue a release candidate next week, including a downloadable PDF.

Once the release candidate is out, the release process will roughly follow the ReleaseProcess outlined by Simon:

  • WP4 members should forward the release candidate to any data managers or researchers they know who might have valuable feedback.
  • As there is no TC scheduled, WP4 members should post an acknowledgement of the changes, whether any issues are found or not.
  • 3 Weeks after the release candidate, the wiki pages will be frozen.
  • If any issues were found or a TC was requested during that time, a TC will be scheduled for a week after.
  • If the release candidate is accepted it will be finalized and released, and a new set of pages will be created for the next draft version.

Best regards, Mark


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