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Modification coding table ART

Could the following treatment be added to the coding table for ART ?

J05AX12= Dolutegravir V03AX03= Cobistat

And the following coded be deleted from the table ART? J05AE06 Lopinavir/Ritonavir (Kaletra) has been replaced by J05AR10 Kaletra/Aluvia (Lopinavir/Ritonavir)



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    Another new drug:


    bw, Rikke

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      Since Clevudine is used for the treatment of Hepatitis B we propose to add it to the coding table of the MED_ID field under tblMED: http://www.hicdep.org/wiki/Hicdep_1.90/TableMed/FieldMedId#CodingTable

      Since the following drugs are also used for the treatment of Hepatitis and have no effect on HIV, we propose to move them from tblART to tblMED:

      • J05AF08-Adefovir (PREVEON)
      • J05AF10-Entecavir
      • J05AF11-Telbivudine

      Please let us know if there are any concerns considering this change.

      Regards, Feodor


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