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coding AIDS_defining conditions

Dear all,

I received the following question from the PISCIS cohort.

" I am reviewing the coding of AIDS-defining conditions and for one of our centres, I have to extract from a long list of their ICD10 diagnosis codes, CDC-C and B conditions. For some this is easy (Kaposi) but for others (e.g. recurrent salmonella), it is less so or at least there are more choices to be made. Mulling over the best way of doing this I wondered for the sake of consistency whether you had any pre-defined lists and suggestions (eg is code = A02.1 and more than 2 events in 6 months, then code as Salmonella sepsis, recurrent (insert local code of choice)). Or e.g. NH lymphoma would be everything from C82-C86?)."

Any help appreciated.

Best wishes,



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