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Transition from Child to Adult

The topic is currently discussed with the IAS initiative CIPHER. We propose to add the following additional fields to tblVIS:

CLINIC_TYPE: Type of clinic / service

1 paediatric
2 adolescent within paediatric care
3 adolescent within adult care
4 adolescent stand alone
5 adult
9 missing

SPEC_TYPE: Type of specialist providing care

1 paediatric
4 adolescent
5 adult physician
9 missing

TRANS_STAGE: Stage of transition at current visit

0 Transition not started
1 Transition in progress
2 Transition completed
9 not applicable/missing

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    This looks good, just a few comments/questions:

    1. Should the codes for SPEC_TYPE be 1, 2, 3 instead of 1, 4, 5?
    2. If the clinic is staffed by a clinical/medical officer who does not specialize in any of the 3 areas listed for SPEC_TYPE, should we have an 'other' category as opposed to just 'missing'?
    3. For TRANS_STAGE, I think that a little more description is needed regarding the transition. Do you want to capture the transition from pediatric to adolescent care, adolescent to adult, or pediatric to adult care? As exemplified in CLINIC_TYPE, there are programs which offer clinics exclusively for adolescents, so TRANS_STAGE is currently a bit ambiguous.
    4. Several programs are struggling with tracking patients from pediatric care into adult care. Can we use tblOVERLAP to record multiple identifiers for a single patient within the same center/program/cohort?


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