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tblART - known to be off ART variable
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09 Dec 2013 12:00 AM

    Hi All,

    It is known that cART is the single most effective intervention to reducing morbidity and mortality in HIV infected individuals. It is therefore extremely important we accurately capture cART usage in our studies. For various reasons, individuals stop taking ART which can have serious consequences on their clinical outcomes. ART breaks are not well captured in HICDEP and can only be derived through ART stop and start dates. It is impossible to determine if the time between ART stop and start dates are unknown ART usage, or if individuals are off ART. Therefore, I am proposing we add another variable to the ART_ID field called off ART, as below. Note: we have asked cohorts in the next data inventory release to let us know if they capture this information in their databases. An update to follow when we get the results.


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    Code (Extended ATC Codes) Anti-Retroviral Drugs
    noART known to be off ART
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