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Last Post 25 Nov 2015 12:00 AM by  SuperUser Account
tblNEWBORN - Information about newborns(6)
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25 Nov 2015 12:00 AM

    Dear All

    This is the sixth topic with discussions of tables related to pregnant women and pregnancy outcomes in view of potential inclusion of some of the tables/variables in the IeDEA data harmonization efforts.

    Please see for the current version of this table.

    BM suggests to consider the use of the key field

    CHILD_ID Patient ID of the child

    plus the fields

    BRFEED_SD Breastfeeding start date
    BRFEED_ED Breastfeeding end date
    ABNORM_Y Did any abnormalities occur (if yes, record in tblNEWBORN_ABRNORM)

    Since tblNEWBORN only contains one record per child, time-updated information on breastfeeding cannot be recorded. BM suggests that we may consider adding more specifics in tblVIS in addition to the existing time-updated variable BREASTF_Y (Breastfeeding yes/no/unknown). The additional variable could code for mixed an/or formula feeding and possibly introduction of solids.

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