CEP_V field

Containing table:
Explanation of variable:
Depending on CEP_ID and CEP_SPEC: value of given event
Format of data:
numeric. See coding table for interpretation.

Coding Table

CEP_IDCEP_SPECInterpretation of CEP_V
ARFINumeric value in (m/s)
BMD-S, BMD-H, BMD-FBMDANumeric value: min: 0, max: 50, unit: g/cm2 (2 decimals)
BMD-S, BMD-H, BMD-FBMDT, BMDZNumeric value: Standard deviation (SD), max: +10, min: -10
COVAM1 = Hospital admission in non-ICU ward, 2 = Hospital admission in ICU ward
ESLDHEP1 = Hepatic encephalopathy stage I, 2 = Hepatic encephalopathy stage II, 3 = Hepatic encephalopathy stage III, 4 = Hepatic encephalopathy stage IV, 9 = Hepatic encephalopathy unknown stage
FIBSFibroscan elasticity given in (KPa)
FRA1 = Traumatic, 2 = Osteoporotic/Fragility, 3 = Pathologic , 9 = Unknown
HOSPNumber of days addmited to the hospital
ICUNumber of days addmited to the ICU