ART_RS4 field

Containing table:
Explanation of variable:
Fourth reason for stopping treatment
Format of data:
character. see coding table for valid codings.

Coding Table

CodeReason for Stopping Treatment
1Treatment failure (i.e. virological, immunological, and/or clinical failure
1.1Virological failure
1.2Partial virological failure
1.3Immunological failure - CD4 drop
1.4Clinical progression
1.5Resistance (based on test result)
10Hyperlactataemie/lactic acidosis
11Bone toxicity
15Social contra-indication
16Contra-indication unspecified
16.8Contra-indication expired
16.9Contra-indication – other
17MTCT regimen completed
2Abnormal fat redistribution
3Concern of cardiovascular disease
3.2Cardiovascular disease
4Hypersensitivity reaction (skin eruption etc.)
5Toxicity, predominantly from abdomen/G-I tract
5.1Toxicity - GI tract
5.2Toxicity - Liver
5.3Toxicity - Pancreas
6Toxicity, predominantly from nervous system
6.1Toxicity - peripheral neuropathy
6.2Toxicity - neuropsychiatric
6.3Toxicity - headache
7Toxicity, predominantly from kidneys
70Pregnancy - toxicity concerns (during pregnancy)
75Pregnancy - switch to a more appropriate regimen for PMTCT
8Toxicity, predominantly from endocrine system
9Haematological toxicity (anemia etc.)
90Side effects - any of the above but unspecified
91Toxicity, not mentioned above
91.1Toxicity, unspecified
92Availability of more effective treatment (not specifically failure or side effect related)
92.1Simplified treatment available
92.2Treatment too complex
92.3Drug interaction
92.31Drug interaction - commencing TB/BCG treatment
92.32Drug interaction - ended TB/BCG treatment
92.33Change in eligibility criteria (e.g. child old enough for tablets; refrigerator no longer available)
92.4Protocol change
92.5Regular treatment termination (used in tblMED e.g. for DAA's against HCV, antibiotics)
92.6End of empiric treatment
92.9Change in treatment not due to side-effects, failure, poor adherence or contra-indication
93Structured Treatment Interruption (STI)
93.1Structured Treatment Interruption (STI) - at high CD4
94Patient's wish/decision, not specified above
95Physician's decision, not specified above
96Pregnancy (see also more specific codes 70 and 75
96.1Pregnancy intended
96.2Pregnancy ended
97Study treatment
97.1Study treatment commenced
97.2Study treatment completed
97.6Drug not available
98Other causes, not specified above
Although most reasons mentioned above could be coded in ICD-10 codes, it is still certain that many reasons will never be defined in terms of ICD-10 (STI, physicians and patients decision), so to avoid a mixture of two different coding systems it is advised to go with the above list and build upon that for now. This coding list is identical to MED_RS used for non-ART medication recorded in tblMED