tblLAB_RES_LVL_1 - Nucleotide sequences (PRO, RT, GP41, GP120)

holds nucleoside sequence for the PRO and RT sequences

Note: This table is tightly linked to tblLAB_RES.

Core Fields

Note: Fields marked bold form the unique identifier for a record of the table.
Field name
character (or numeric if possible)
Identifier linking this record to tblLAB_RES


  • PRO = PRO sequence
  • RT = RT sequence
  • GP41 = GP41 sequence
  • GP120 = GP120 sequence
Type of nucleotide sequence if available
Start position for the sequence
Stop position for the sequence
Nucleotide sequence if available

Additional Fields

In cases where the amino acid sequence is collected rather than the nucleotide sequence, the field SEQ_NUC might be replaced with SEQ_AA, which is the nucleotide sequence, expressed in an amino acid sequence:
Field name
Amino acid sequence if available (empty if test was phenotype)
However using the amino acid sequence does not give the same detail of data as the nucleoside sequence: wobbles in the nucleoside sequence can either complicate the reading and alignment of the amino acid sequence or the wobbles can be lost and silent mutations are lost.

QA Checks

TableCrosstableError CodeDescriptionStudy specificHICDEP?
AllTablesCrossTableATC001any date in database after DEATH_D in tblLTFU Yes
AllTablesCrossTableATC002any date in database after DROP_D in tblLTFU Yes
AllTablesCrossTableATC003any date in database before BIRTH_D in tblBAS Yes
AllTablesCrossTableATC004any date in database in the future Yes
AllTablesCrossTableATC005patients submitted previously who have been missed out Yes
AllTablesCrossTableATC006Any fields not coded as coding lists on table definition Yes
tblLAB_RES_LVL_1WithinTableL1W001Duplicate records per TEST_ID and SEQTYPE Yes
tblLAB_RES_LVL_1WithinTableL1W003SEQ_NUC contains invalid IUPAC character Yes
tblLAB_RES_LVL_1WithinTableL1W004Missing TEST_ID Yes
tblLAB_RES_LVL_1WithinTableL1W005Missing SEQ_START Yes
tblLAB_RES_LVL_1WithinTableL1W006Missing SEQ_STOP Yes
tblLAB_RES_LVL_1WithinTableL1W007Missing SEQ_NUC Yes
tblLAB_RES_LVL_1CrossTableL1C001TEST_ID not in tblLAB_RES.TEST_ID Yes