tblOVERLAP - Cross-cohort identification

holds information on the patient's participation in other cohorts

Core Fields

Note: Fields marked bold form the unique identifier for a record of the table.
Field name
character (or numeric if possible)
Code to identify patient (Cohort Patient ID)
Code/name of the cohort
Unique patient identifier in other cohorts
Name of the cohort

QA Checks

TableCrosstableError CodeDescriptionStudy specificHICDEP?
AllTablesCrossTableATC001any date in database after DEATH_D in tblLTFU Yes
AllTablesCrossTableATC002any date in database after DROP_D in tblLTFU Yes
AllTablesCrossTableATC003any date in database before BIRTH_D in tblBAS Yes
AllTablesCrossTableATC004any date in database in the future Yes
AllTablesCrossTableATC005patients submitted previously who have been missed out Yes
AllTablesCrossTableATC006Any fields not coded as coding lists on table definition Yes
tblOVERLAPWithinTableOW001Invalid other cohort Yes
tblOVERLAPCrossTableOC001PATIENT not found in tblBAS for that cohort Yes
tblOVERLAPCrossTableOC002PAT_OTH not found in tblBAS for that overlapping cohort Yes