RNA_T field

Containing table:
Explanation of variable:
IF AVAILABLE, What type of VIRAL ASSAY was used for this measurement?
Format of data:
numeric. see coding table for valid codings.

Coding Table

CodeViral assay used
10Roche 1.0
15Roche 1.5 ultra-sensitive
19Any Roche (unspecified)
21NASBA ultra-sensitive
29Any NASBA (unspecified)
31Chiron b-DNA 1.0
32Chiron b-DNA 2.0
33Chiron b-DNA 3.0
39Any Chiron (unspecified)
40Abbott ultra-sensitive
41Abbott LCx
42Abbott RealTime HIV-1 m2000
5Roche TaqMan
50Monitor 1.0
51Monitor 1.0 ultra-sensitive
55Monitor 1.5
56Monitor 1.5 ultra-sensitive
59Monitor unspecified
65Cobas 1.5
66Cobas 1.5 ultra-sensitive